Highly vibrational and easy to program, many consider Clear Quartz to be a master stone that can be utilized for any intention the wearer sets. This healing stone embodies spiritual white light and aids in accessing higher realms including the soul star, crown, and 3rd eye chakras. Clear quartz is a powerful master stone and is one of the most powerful healing crystals of Mother Earth. Tap into higher realms, psychic energies, and allow the white light of the Divine to flow through you with the assistance of the healing powers of the Clear Quartz.


White Topaz stimulates the Crown and etheric chakras, this high-vibrational crystal dissolves mental attachments and purifies emotions, helping to heal the soul. It enhances spiritual development, and works to clarify one’s intention and align it with Divine Will in order to manifest it in the physical world.


Peridot is associated with the sun and has been prized since the earliest civilizations for its protective powers to drive away the forces of darkness. Set in gold and worn around the neck or bound to the left arm, it was used as a charm against sorcery and magic, evil spirits, night terrors, and madness. It cured cowardice, calmed anger, as well as brightening the wit. Peridot is still celebrated for those virtues, protecting the aura, purifying the physical and subtle bodies, and alleviating emotional burdens, guilt and obsessions. It is particularly beneficial for overcoming fear, depression and other psychological disturbances, as well as releasing jealousies, resentment and spite in order to move forward. Peridot promotes responsibility and forgiveness, instilling confidence in one’s own abilities and reestablishing a sense of self-worth. A powerful generator of the frequency of increase, this lovely talisman may be utilized to manifest abundance in all areas of one’s life: wealth, health, happiness and love.


Malachite is a stone of transformation, assisting one in changing situations and providing for spiritual growth. It heals on physical and emotional levels, drawing out impurities and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body. Malachite is a protection stone, it guards against radiation of all kinds, clears electromagnetic pollution and heals earth energies.


Amethyst, a majestic stone of the gods known for assisting with addictions and connecting one with the Higher Self. Program this healing tool and allow the magic to unfold!


Here’s the list of stones used to make your Pendant:


  • 1- 40mm Clear Quartz donut
  • 4- 8mm round CAB Malachite
  • 1-5mm white Topaz Faceted (Center stones)
  • 2-5mm round Amethyst Faceted
  • 2-5mm round Peridot Faceted

Malachite Ailm Amulet

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$349.99Sale Price
  • Optapti has taken sacred technology and revamped it into something beautiful…pendants that serve you as tools to promote your intentions and mind, body, spirit transformation. When you are wearing you quantum infused pendant, you are raising your vibrations to their highest potential and shielding yourself from harmful EMF’s and negative energies. However proper care of your crystals and stones is important, so we’d like to offer you a few tips on how to keep your gems as sparkling and shiny as your spirit!


    1. We do not recommend boiling, ultrasonic cleaning, or steaming of any of the stones we carry in our amulet lines, regardless of their toughness or rating on the Mohs Hardness Scale.


    2. Included with your stone you will find our exclusive polishing cloth that gently cleans and removes debris and tarnish to restore luster to your quantum stone! Gently rub the cloth across your amulet to clean; hand wash and hang dry your cleaning cloth as needed.


    3. Water and sunlight precautions: The majority of our stones and crystals with a Mohs rating of 7 or higher can tolerate a gentle cleansing with water and a soft bristle brush when necessary; however, some crystals will also fade from excessive exposure to the sun including: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, and Fluorite. Certain crystals will dissolve or be weakened when submerged in water, and when in doubt, most crystals are water soluble if they: End in “ite”, have a Mohs Hardness of 6 or less, or scratches easily with a steal knife. We do not recommend water cleansing for: Opal, Lapiz Lazuli, Fluorite, Laborite, Moonstone, and Imperial Jade.


    4. Certain pendant lines may have magnets situated behind stones. If you have any serious medical condition, wear a pacemaker, or have any artificial surgical implants that may be negatively affected by magnetic devices please avoid use. 


    5. Stones and Crystals are fragile and many will shatter when dropped, so use the utmost care when wearing or cleansing your crystals. Losing one of our crystal companions can be challenging, however they still will carry energy and intentions - consider creating a new piece of jewelry or art deco with any ‘temporarily broken’ lovelies!


    We hope you are pleased with your investment and are here to support you on your healing journey. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have at optapti@gmail.com


    ***NOTE: Please use your crystal reference manuals and Google to your advantage and do your homework for safe measure. Consider doing a small ‘test’ on your stone to judge its hardness level and use your good judgement!

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